Examples of sample pages

Other Korean revenue stamps

Whenever a new series of commodity (revenue) tax stamps was introduced in Korea, a special booklet was created which showed all the new stamps. Here are a few of the pages from such a booklet.

The pages probably came from a much larger booklet, which was taken apart by the seller to be able to get a lot more money per page. I have seen an example which came with (probably) several dozen pages, showing a few stamps per page. The seller’s trick worked by the way, some of these pages went for many dollars, some well over 100 dollars, on Kobay.

Note that all the stamps pasted on the pages come with a (Korean language) “specimen” cancellation on them. This of course to avoid some local person being able to use them for free on their own products.

Cataloguing these stamps is going to be difficult, there were probably hundreds of different combinations for these stamps. Who knows one day someone somewhere will create such a catalogue, but until then here are a few of these pages and stamps.





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