Translation of Excise Tax Stamp for Electric Products

Other Korean revenue stamps

Excise tax stamp (물품세 납세증표) used to levy tax on electric products showing a fan as a representation of this group of products. Probably used during the 1960s/1970s. The stamp contains a lot of detailed information. 

1. 물품세 = excise tax
    납세증지 = tax stamp
2. 물품명 = item name
3. 규격 = standard
4. 제조장명 = manufacturer name
5. 검사연 = annual inspection (월 month, 일 day)
6. 세무서 = tax office
7. 간세 = indirect tax
    과장 = section chief (manager)
    인 = seal/stamp (of section chief)

In red ink:
1. 선풍기(= electrical fan)
2. D 355 (?)
3. (company name)

The company name is illegible, perhaps 금영사?

This stamp is also in the online Korean revenue stamp catalogue.



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