Seoul Korea Municipal Revenues Update

Local 수입증지

In March 2011 Joe Ross wrote in the CalRev’r: “Listing recently printed revenue stamps is nearly impossible. There are no government publications which list current or future items. 

It is incumbent on collectors that locate new or unlisted items to pass on this information.. Barefoot’s SE Asia catalog took a huge step towards providing that information. Even so where a country is continuing to print new items the catalog can fall behind.

My update includes Barefoot’s information as well as additional and/or recently used items. I am sure that more items will be discovered. Happy hunting!

With permission from Joe Ross his article (3 pages from the March 2011 edition) can be downloaded here. An examples from this file:

CalRevr_March 2011 Page 3

The CalRev’r issue March 2011, pages 1-3: “Seoul Korea Municipal Revenues Update” can be downloaded here.


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