Korean consular revenue stamps: the hwan series of 1954 – 1962

Consular 영수필증

This listing is an addendum to the article “Consular Revenue Stamps of the Republic of Korea” in The American Revenuer, Third Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70, No. 3). For the full article contact the American Revenue Association through their website: http://www.revenuer.org/ 

Hwan series (1954-1962)

Size: 27 mm x 30mm (stamp image: 22mm x 24mm)
Perforation: 12,5 x 12,5


For graphics of other values, see Hasegawa / Barefoot. All b/w pictures are from NAK files. See below in comments section for updates with more images.

The hwan series consists of 24 values, which are numbered here in ascending order of the nominal value of the tax stamps. It is unknown in which (historical) order these values were actually published. Hasegawa mentions in his catalogue for the values he represents (indicated here by “PR”) 1954 and 1955 as years of issue based on a source called the “Government Official Record Book”. The values listed in the NAC files were known by 1962, hence the assumption that this series was used between 1954 and 1962.

The colours listed in the table (in English) are the colours according to Hasegawa or Barefoot or in the case of stamps from the NAK files colours as indicated (using Chinese names) in the original files. The designs A or B correspond with the two designs which have been used in these series, namely a design (A) with a rim around a large version of the 태극 (pronounced “taegeuk”) or (B) with a small version of the 태극 together with additional symbols. The differences in the drawings shown below are due solely to the fact that these were hand-drawn by someone who clearly did not strife for absolute fidelity.

Below is a list of known values.

CR190PR1BF10dull violetBN
CR8650--------yellow ochreBY
CR111250PR8BF4 + BF11dull violetA+B!N
CR131500PR9BF5blue or pinkA+B!N

About the numbering system: the first column is my own number system, the Hasegawa numbers are straight from the Hasegawa catalogue, while the Barefoot numbers have an added BF to distinguish them from other numbers (Barefoot uses numbers only in his catalogues, without any prefix). In between series I have left gaps, to be able accommodate for future finds.


3 thoughts on “Korean consular revenue stamps: the hwan series of 1954 – 1962

  1. hi there-

    i’ve located a c-13 design B, 1500 hwan, in red… should it be blue?


  2. Thanks for the comment. I had seen the item myself, went for 42,42 EUR on Ebay on 6 December 2020:

    While going through the NAK database I found two different references to the 1500 hwan stamp. In practice this meant that both type of designs (A and B) were shown in the files. The 1500 hwan stamp shown in the Hasegawa catalogue (in b/w with no colour listed) is the same design as shown here in this picture (design type B). Perhaps there is a design type A in blue and this design B in pink?

    There is something else: the “cancellation”, in red. The stamp looks very fresh, as if unused, to me. Hasegawa makes this remark in his catalogue: “Black & white of the above are stamped “specimen” and not known in unused or used condition.” The 1500 hwan stamp in his catalogue is among the b/w images he refers to in his listing. Could it be that this is a specimen, perhaps more specifically a colour proof?

    I don’t know if you can read Korean (either hangul or hanja based texts)? If so I could upload the graphics/data I found in the NAK database and see for yourself what’s what. I should update my listing anyway, I have found more information including items used on document.

    Again, thanks for reaching out. I could have missed it, the listing was quite short on Ebay.

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