Revenue stamps of Iran 3rd Edition

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Several well-known members of the revenue/fiscal stamp community pointed out that a new edition of the “Revenue Stamps of Iran” catalog had been published. This edition, the third, is larger than ever, with “742 full color pages with pictures of every stamp and many new rare documents”. The two volumes show many different types of revenue stamps, such as legal/court revenues stamps, stamps from several different ministries, revenues on products such as silk and medicine plus documentary revenues.

An example of what these stamps look like can be found on the Dutch NVFF website. There an article written by Wolfgang Morscheck shows an example from 1911 with quite a few different Persian revenue stamps. 

The catalog is published in two parts, being:

  1. Volume 1 – Qajar Issues ($95)

  2. Volume 2 – Pahlavi, Islamic Republic, and Charity issues ($85)

Sasan Baharaeen, the author, gives the following details regarding the catalog:

  • Soft bound
  • 742 full color pages with pictures of every stamp and many new rare documents
  • Stamp and document prices provided in U.S. dollars
  • New uniform catalog numbers along with old catalog numbers
  • Stamp identification section to locate stamps in catalog using the design
  • Detailed description of Iran’s geography, units of currency, calendar system, Siyaq accounting notations, and a financial and administrative history of Iran

To order the catalog please contact the author directly at sbaharaeen[at]gmail[dot]com.

The shipping charges for the catalog are:

  • United States – $14.50 for Priority shipping
  • Canada – $49.50 for International Priority shipping
  • Other – $65 for International Priority shipping

Finally, Sasan Bahareen gave (through Joe Ross) permission to publish these images showing the (beautiful!) covers of the two volume set plus a whole series of pages from both volumes:


Sample (page 51)
Sample (page 99)
Sample (page 119)
Sample (page 229)
Sample (page 302)
Sample (page 347)
Sample (page 420)
Sample (page 438)
Sample (page 501)
Sample (page 523)
Sample (page 561)
Sample (page 606)
Sample (page 652)
Sample (page 723)
Sample (page 739)

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