Seoul Education revenue stamp in NAK

Archives Education 수입증지

The National Archive of Korea (NAK) has a lot of information on all sorts of revenue stamps. As long as you know what to look and search for a lot of information will come up. Sometimes this information turns out to be not just a list of values or dates of publication, but even (new) designs will show up. 

This example comes from a NAK file dated 1964 in the system but probably from December 1965 (or even January 1966). It is just a page amongst 55 pages, but it shows three important things to collectors: the design of the stamp, the values issued and the colours of those values. The design is easy to see, but the values and colours are the hanja at the bottom of the page.


The values are:

  • 5 won/원 –> 紅色 / 홍색 / red
  • 10 won/원 –> 褐色 / 갈색 / brown
  • 50 won/원 –> 綠色 / 녹색 / green
  • 100 won/원 –> 藍色 / 남색 / navy blue (indigo

I have only once seen one of these stamps, the 100 won blue stamp. And then only amongst a lot of other stamps, in a low quality photo. Notice that the colours are identical to the correspondening values of the Seoul local revenue stamps of the same period.

Details of NAK file:

공개생산기관: 문교부 보통교육국 교육재정과
생산년도: 1964년 (note: dates in document 1965.12.30 and 1966.1.11)
관리번호: BA0231375


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