Korean Revenue Update – Oh By The Way

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Once a catalog is finished, out come all the collectors that have checked to find all the items missed, the unlisted. Fortunately the following items came from an auction house in Korea that had never read John Barefoot’s Southeast Asia Revenues catalog. The following have not yet been listed with issue dates through 1975. 

(Please note: all text identical to text in Joe Ross’ article.) 

The Ministry of Culture changed spelling and pronunciation of some names. Current name is believed to be in parenthesis.

10 won blue gray, 30 won green
ChilgokChong Ju (Juong Ju)
ChungyangTaegu (Daegu)
Dal SeongGeyongsan
Kimhae (Gimhae)Kosung (Gosung)
5 won
Kosung (Gosung)
20 won
Kosung (Gosung)
40 won
5 won orange, 10 won blue, 30 won purple
1973 5 won light blue, 10 won dark blue
1973 10 w orange, 10w brown, 30 w blue
Yang GuChunsung
The value is read upright or upside down.

There are other planned Korea updates, Municipal Issues of 1976-2003 and (2) Supreme Court Issues.

Postscript by editor:

This article was published with some additions in the Revenue Journal (Volume XXI Number 1 Whole Number 81, June 2010), the magazine of the Revenue Society. Both Joe Ross and I are members, and I can definitely recommend a membership of this organization if you have an interest in fiscal philately!

The planned updates Joe Ross talked about in his article have so far (February 2018) not materialized, but given recent contact with him I have good hope these updates will finally be written in 2018.


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