Daegu: resident registration card (1976)

Local 수입증지

All Koreans are registered in their family register which is also used to give details through the type of document shown here. This is called a 주민등록표 (resident registration card). These documents come in several different forms, the more detailed one is this large form. It is somewhat larger than A4 and printed on very thin paper. This example is from 대구시 (Daegu) and was issued in February 1976.

The complete document:


February 1976 is just three months before the new nationally produced but regionalized stamps were introduced. The local stamps on this document however seem to be at least the second series of local revenue stamps from Daegu.

The two stamps at close up:

10 won stamp30 won stamp

The building in the stamps is Daegu city hall, which can be seen in this picture taken by Dr. Bernd Gross (see Wikimedia Commons).


(Names have for privacy reasons been digitally deleted from the document.)


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