Translation of Busan Local Court 1927 stamp

Court Fees 영수필증

The 10 jeon (son) stamp shown here was found on a four-page court document from Busan written in 1927. The document is owned by Joe Ross.

The stamp as seen in the top right corner of the document:


Note that at that time texts were written from top to bottom and from right to left. In other words: the text on the document page (but also on the stamp itself) should be read from top right to bottom left. The translation of the text on the stamp reads: “Receipt of 10 jeon for the delivery fee of a Busan Local Court document regarding court proceedings.

A step by step translation follows below:

Busan Court 1927 Stamp line 1
1. Receipt for
Busan Court 1927 Stamp line 2
2. Price 10 jeon
Busan Court 1927 Stamp line 3
3. Delivery fee
Busan Court 1927 Stamp line 4
4. Busan Local Court
Busan Court 1927 Stamp line 5
5. “Task treatment” (=proceedings / works of court)



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