Translation of “Busan District Court 1935 document” (I)

Court Fees 영수필증

This translation has been done in two parts: the document (I) and the stamp (II) on the document. The document is in the revenue stamp collection of Joe Ross. 

Summary of document (incl. revenue stamp)

This is form number 23/1 used to summon the defendant to come to Busan District Court in the morning of October 9th 1935. Plaintiff is Busan First Bank and the court case is about a loan. The document has registration number 2195 (year: 1935) and was issued on September 30th 1935. Park, Chosun Government court secretary, signed the document.The documentary fee was paid for by a stamp of 10 jeon.


Translation 1: document text
The text in the document is divided into individual lines. The main text should be read from top to bottom and (per vertical line of text) from right to left. The text was written in Japanese and includes Kanji/Hanja (Chinese characters).

Note on the translation: the text has not been 100% correctly translated (this would require a translator skilled at Japanese classical law texts), but it does show the general idea behind the text.

Line 1: “Plaintiff: Busan First Bank”
Line 2: “Name of defendant” (Name not translated, perhaps “Ajiro”.)
Line 2: “Name of defendant”
(Name not translated, perhaps “Ajiro”.)
Line 3: “This conflict between both parties was about a bank loan.”
Line 4: “This is why (defendant) must show up in the morning of October 9 in year 10.”
(Date is shown in Japanese Showa era years, as in Showa year 10, October 9th.
Showa year 10 = 1935. Lines 4 and 5 are one sentence.)
Line 5: Text continued from line 4.

Line 6: “Documentary date: Showa 10 September 30.”
“Busan District Court”
(Chinese characters: 釜山地方法院; Korean: 부산지방법원; the court still exists, see
Line 8: “Signed by Chosun Government court secretary.”
(The secretary here is a high-ranking functionary.
See line 11 for stamp with name of functionary.)
Line 9: (Address of court)
A: “When you come to the court you have to take this document with you.”
B: “This document must have a registration number.”
(See line 14 for the registration number.)
(Name of secretary)
(The family name of the secretary: 朴, in English usually written as Park, Korean: 박.)












(Literally “(the) second”. Second as in: this is the second time that (…); perhaps person didn’t show up the first time or this document is a second copy?)
“Court hearing date”
“Showa year 10. Registration number 2195.”
“Form number: 23/1”



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