Korean consular revenue stamps: documents from 1960s showing the “new won” series

Archives Consular 영수필증

The 1960s new won series of consular revenue stamps show up in several documents from that era. Two examples of such documents are shown here. 

The first example is from the Woopyo stamp magazine:

The second example is from the National Archive of Korea, in this case from file BA0189218 (go to pages 18-21). For those who can read Korean here is the information from the NAK archival catalogue:

수입인지에 의한 세입금 납부에 관한 법률 시행령 중 개정 의건(각령 제1327호)

Interestingly, this shows that the Woopyo magazine had access to the original files in the 1960s, as it is obvious they used two of the drawings in their article.


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