Korean consular revenue stamps: IEF dollar series

Consular 영수필증

This listing is an addendum to the article “Consular Revenue Stamps of the Republic of Korea” in The American Revenuer, Third Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70, No. 3). For the full article contact the American Revenue Association through their website: http://www.revenuer.org/

IEF dollar values

High quality dollar values (two flowers in the design)


Low quality dollar values (one flower in the design)


Like the IEF won values stamps the dollar values stamps come in two variants, namely one variant of high quality with two flowers shown, plus a variety of rather low quality with one flower in the design. It could be that the second variant was a temporary solution, but there is nothing known for certain.

Inquiry at the Korean Embassy in The Hague revealed that these stamps were indeed used until a few years ago but have since then been phased out and are therefore no longer available at the embassy.

High quality dollar values (two flowers in the design)

Nr.Value ($)Background colour
IEF101.00dark purple
IEF112.00light olive green
IEF136.00green blue
IEF1510.00light red
IEF1620.00light green

Low quality dollar values (one flower in the design)

Nr.Value ($)Background colour
IEF201.00dark pink
IEF212.00dark brown
IEF223.00light blue
IEF237.00light brown
IEF2410.00bright pink

Because the low quality dollar values come without a perforation (they are rouletted) they look a bit like stickers.


Some examples of usages of IEF dollar value stamps

Usage of 20 dollars + 10 dollars combination, probably to pay for an extension of validity of the passport. (Joe Ross’ collection)

Page from 1999 showing several rows of visa payments, with the IEF value (approx.) 50% of the value of the stamp used for the actual service required. (Joe Ross’ collection)

Extension of validity of Korean passport. Korean embassy in Argentina, 1996. (Picture from Ebay lot)

Two crewing documents. Korean embassy in Pakistan, 1994/1995.


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