Korean consular revenue stamps: dollar series (II)

Consular 영수필증

This listing is an addendum to the article “Consular Revenue Stamps of the Republic of Korea” in The American Revenuer, Third Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70, No. 3). For the full article contact the American Revenue Association through their website: http://www.revenuer.org/

Dollar value series (II)


The second dollar series is the series that is still in active use at embassies at the time of writing (2017). Inquiry at the Korean Embassy in The Hague in 2016 revealed that they had received no information that the stamps would be phased out any time soon.

The serial number on the stamps are known in both red and black. The stamps with a black number appear to be the latest version, since it was this type found to be on hand at the Korean Embassy.

Stamps are printed in sheets of 5 (width) x 10 (high) stamps. The serial numbers go from top to bottom in a column, starting with the left hand column in a sheet. The printer mark of KOMSCO is under the stamps with positions 40 and 50 (i.e. bottom right of the sheet).

Nr.Value ($)Background colourText colour
CR700.30light brownblack
CR710.50light greenblack
CR721.00dark pinkblack
CR766.00dark greyblack
CR7710.00bright pinkblack
CR7920.00light greenblack
CR8140.00bright light blueblack

The dollar value was converted at the embassy in the Netherlands as 0.90 x (dollar value) = EUR



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