Korean consular revenue stamps: new won value series (II)

Consular 영수필증

This listing is an addendum to the article “Consular Revenue Stamps of the Republic of Korea” in The American Revenuer, Third Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70, No. 3). For the full article contact the American Revenue Association through their website: http://www.revenuer.org/

New won value series (II)


The second won series comes in two print varieties, namely a text for the Ministry of Trade and Industry and a text for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In both cases the department named is the “Passport Division,” which apparently changed from one ministry to another. The difference is the text at the bottom of the stamp:

Version for Ministry of Foreign AffairsVersion for Ministry of Trade and Industry

For this series there is no known archival document mentioning a publication date. Two documents (each with the 30,000 won stamp) are known with cancellations prior to 2000, one from the 1980s (year unfortunately only reads as “198”) and one from 1994. Because of all the references to this series on Korean blogs it seems that this series was used until 2013. In October 2016 no trace could be found of them in local council offices in Korea.

Nr.ValueBackground colourText colourSerial nr. colourMinistry (seen)
CR50600greydark blueblack외교통상부 여권과
CR511000dark yellowdark blueblack외교통상부 여권과
CR523000light greendark blueblack외무부 여권과
CR535000pinkpurplered and black외교통상부 여권과
CR5410000azuredark bluered외교통상부 여권과
CR5515000bright yellowdark blueblack외교통상부 여권과
CR5625000lilacdark blueblack외교통상부 여권과
CR5730000bright reddark bluered외무부 여권과
CR5833000yellowblack(?)black외교통상부 여권과
CR5935000light greendark blueblack외교통상부 여권과
CR6038000lilacpurpleblack외교통상부 여권과
CR6140000light bluedark bluered and black외교통상부 여권과



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