Translation of “Seoul District Court document” (II)

Court Fees 영수필증

This translation comes in two parts: the document (I) and the stamp on the document (II). The document is in the revenue stamp collection of Joe Ross.

Translation part II: revenue stamp text
This revenue stamp is listed in Hasegawa (2005) as KD1 “Keijyo District Justice Stamp”.

stamp_completeThe original name for Seoul in hanja is 京城, which is pronounced as Keijō in Japanese but Gyeongseong (경성) in Korean. The name 경성 was used until 28 September 1946, after which it was renamed by USAMGIK to Seoul or 서울 (complete name: 서울특별자유시), after 15 August 1949 renamed 서울특별시 by the government of the Republic of Korea.











Hasegawa (2005) lists two different versions of the 20 jeon overprint (KD1 and KD1a resp.):


However, it seems it is not just the “20” which is different, the stamps also appear to be of a different print run. Hasegawa unfortunately lists no year for these stamps.

The revenue stamp on the document contains the following texts/parts:


Line 1


Right to left: 領收 = 영수
Translation: “receipt for”

Line 2


Right to left: 金納豫料達送
Translation: “delivery fee prepayment price”

Line 3


Right to left: 京城地方法院
Translation: “Seoul District Court”

Line 4


Right to left: 執達吏職務取扱
Translation: “bailiff handling duties”

Line 5
Top to bottom:
拾錢 = 10 Jeon
Line 6
消印 = 소인
Translation: “cancelled”



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