Translation of “Seoul District Court document” (I)

Court Fees 영수필증

This translation comes in two parts: the document (I) and the stamp on the document (II). The document is in the revenue stamp collection of Joe Ross.

Summary of document (incl. revenue stamp)
This is a court order (number 1187) summoning the defendant, Jang, to come to a hearing at 10AM on July 4 at Seoul District Court room number 6. The plaintiff, Song, has stated that defendant and plaintiff have a difference regarding a loan. The officer in the case, No, therefore sent this court order to the address of Jang on June 14 in the year 4488.

The bailiff handling fee was paid for by a 20 jeon stamp (overprint “20” on 10 jeon stamp) issued by the Seoul District Court.

Seoul District Court document

Translation part I: document text
The text in the document is divided into individual lines. The main text should be read from top to bottom and (per vertical line of text) from right to left. The text was written in Japanese and includes Kanji/Hanja (Chinese characters).

Note on the translation: the text has not been 100% correctly translated (this would require a translator skilled at Japanese classical law texts), but it does show the general idea behind the text.

Line 1


“Court Order”
(Literally: summoning, call up)

Line 2

“Case number 1187”

Line 3


Official court template form
(Literally: “court template”)


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