Polish Exile stamps: the Italian scene

Exile stamps

After starting to collect the Polish Exile stamps I decided I needed stamp album pages for these stamps too. The stamps the Polish exile government in the UK had produced had proper standing amongst collectors and so there are several sources of stamp album pages out there. I used the pages produced by Mr. Steiner.

However, his policy is to only produce pages of stamps that have a listing in the Scott catalogue. Unfortunately, these stamps produced by the Poles in Italy do not have a listing in that particular catalogue, so he had not produced any pages for them. I asked him if it was okay to try myself and he gave permission to do so. You can download my few pages for the most commonly available stamps produced by the Polish forces in Italy here. I have not included all the different variations, as I am not interested in such things. And I wouldn’t know where to find the money for them either… Anyway, the pages are for free, so if you have some need for them: go ahead.

Mr. Weiner’s site in the meantime is something you should really look into if you are looking for cheap but very well made album pages. He has a LOT of pages, it is mindboggling how many pages he has. He even has made pages for more exotic stamps like the “South Molucca” stamps and the Sovereign Military Order of Malta stamps. (More on those stamps in other postings.) Get them at: http://www.stampalbums.com

Here is a screenshot of the pages:

Polish Exile in Italy stamp album pages: example
Polish Exile in Italy stamp album pages: example

3 thoughts on “Polish Exile stamps: the Italian scene

  1. Thanks for explaining why I couldn’t find these stamps in Scott. Now I can pull them off my “mystery” page and put them on pages of their own.

  2. In case you need info around other Polish-italien stamp.
    I have a copy from a polish handbook (1990) wich I can send
    those who are interested. It is in polish but the pictures are
    I tryed to send it with this comments but fail.

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