Korea in the 50s: the full set

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For a map aficionado having complete sets of cartographical data is fantastic, especially when you can have them for free! So, in the spirit of sharing here is what Korea (north and south) looked according to the knowledge of the US Army map service in the 1950s.

The full set can be found at the website of the University of Texas (Austin) in the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, which can be found here online. However, these maps are full sized JPEG which are not always easy to navigate when you are looking for something specific, in my case looking for (former) railways.

The maps are still individual maps and they can be found on my mapserver. By looking at the map below you can find the numbers of the individual maps:

The maps are:
NI 51-8 Tae-Huksan-Do
NI 52-1 Kwangju
NI 52-2 Chonju
NI 52-3 Pusan
NI 52-5 Mokp’o
NI 52-6 Yosu
NI 52-9 Cheju-Do
NJ 51-4 P’yongyang
NJ 51-8 Chinnamp’o
NJ 51-12 Ongjin
NJ 52-1 Hungnam
NJ 52-5 Namch’onjom
NJ 52-6 Hwach’on
NJ 52-9 Seoul
NJ 52-10 Ch’unch’on
NJ 52-11 Samch’ok [with inset map of Ullung-do]
NJ 52-13 Sosan
NJ 52-14 Taejon
NJ 52-15 Andong
NK 52-8 Ch’ongjin
NK 52-10 Changjin
NK 52-11 Songjin


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