The Suwon – Inchon narrow gauge line: Suwon to Ansan (Part 2: Omokcheon to Ansan Outskirts)

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Diesel car set, probably near Ansan in the country side.The line from Suwon to Omokcheon is mainly through build-up area, but after Omokcheon the country really opens up. The dominating feature here is the KTX viaduct built to allow the high speed railway run without interruption from Seoul to Busan. This area is now relatively busy, there are now quite a few people living in the area and many roads are now crossing through the valley. These roads of course were the main reason why the railway was abandoned to begin with: first the buses and later private ownership of cars dealt the final blow to the railway in this area. However, ironically it is the construction of the new commuter line that has destroyed the line in parts of this area.

The map below shows the whole line between Suwon and Ansan. The first article described the part between numbers 1 and 2. This second article describes the line from just to the west of (2) and to the south of (4), mainly around (3).


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The Suwon – Inchon narrow gauge line: Suwon to Ansan (Part 1: Suwon to Omokcheon)

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Sari StationA walk on the former narrow gauge line (“수인선”) from Suwon (수원) to Ansan (안산) (in parts). This line was last used on the last day of 1995, but most of the track can still be seen in the country side. However, part of the line is now used to build the new subway line from Suwon to Ansan (and onwards to Inchon), so most of the line will disappear soon. The signs are (literally) all over the place: part of the track bed near the high speed railway line bridge has already been demolished completely and in Omokcheon many signs can be find on the track telling people that their gardens are illegal.

The Naver map below shows the complete route of the narrow gauge line between Suwon (1) and Ansan (5). This article describes the part between Suwon (1) and Omokcheon (오목천) (2), which is mainly in suburban areas. The grey thin line close to the numbers is the new commuter line (currently under construction) between Ansan and Suwon, but since it mostly follows the alignment of the old line it is quite a good indicator of the old line. The line from Omokcheon (2) to Maesong (매송) (3) and Ansan (5) is part of the next article, while the line at Sari (사리) (4) is now completely demolished and nothing can be seen here in this area of Ansan. (Click on the map for a larger size.)suwon-ansan-naver-map

The easiest point to get on the line is near Suwon station, on the western side of the main railway line. On the Google map below that is near Pyeong-dong (평동) (2). The line ends at the Korail mainline (1), and between (1) and (2) the line runs next to an airfield which is also used by the air force, taking pictures here might be illegal… In Gosaek (3) the track can easily be found, while in the fields (4+5) between Gosaek (고색) and Omokcheon the line runs through the country side. In Omokcheong (6) it is not always easy to discover the line, but a lot of it is still there.

Google Map of Suwon to Omokcheon.
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