Exile governments, stamps and catalogs

Ever since governments were ousted governments refused to accept such situations and decided to entertain their own court abroad, hoping for a day when, either by their machinations or by some remarkable change of fortune, they could become the accepted government of their former territory. The only serious exile government at this time seems to be the Tibetan government, residing in India, but recent history has shown that some groups can be persistent. Best known for its resilience was the Polish government in exileW, formed after being ousted from Poland by Nazi Germany. They not only managed to survive the Second World War but where even included in post-communist Poland, thereby proofing all along that they had formed a legitimate government abroad. Not all such exile governments however were so lucky in the past, most noticeable in Eastern Europe the exile governments of Croatia (NDHW, lead by PavelicW) and Romania (Iron GuardW, lead by Horia SimaW). These last two examples had one thing in common with the Polish exile government: they too had once been ruling a part of Europe.

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