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Local Revenue Stamps

Behind the stamp (Paju local revenue stamp)

Highway 1 leads northward from Seoul to Kaesong and then to P’yong-yang, connecting two ancient capitals of Korea with the modern one. A few miles from the Seoul city limits, a smaller road leads east towards Uijong-bu, and about two miles from Highway 1 there is a narrow gravel road headed north, up the steep […]

The Revenue Stamps of Seoul City (part 3 of 3)

(Part 3 of 3) Like most countries which at one time used revenue stamps, South Korea has a long history of using local revenue stamps. Until the 1970s these local revenue stamps were produced locally, each with a unique design per province or municipality. From 1976 onwards local revenue stamps were produced nationally (with standardized […]

Consular Revenue Stamps

Korean consular revenue stamps: documents from 1960s showing the “new won” series

The 1960s new won series of consular revenue stamps show up in several documents from that era. Two examples of such documents are shown here. 

Korean consular revenue stamps: IEF dollar series

This listing is an addendum to the article “Consular Revenue Stamps of the Republic of Korea” in The American Revenuer, Third Quarter 2017 (Vol. 70, No. 3). For the full article contact the American Revenue Association through their website: IEF dollar values High quality dollar values (two flowers in the design) Low quality dollar […]

Education Revenue Stamps

Gangwon-do Education Revenue Stamps

The more you search in (online) Korean archives, the more you will find of course. Here is a discovery from the (Korean) Law Archive regarding education revenue stamps from the Provincial Office of Education (POE) of Gangwon-do (강원도교육청). These stamps were in use from the mid-1990s until 1 January 2013, when they were phased out. 

Court Fee Revenue Stamps

Korean Narrow Gauge

The Suwon – Inchon narrow gauge line: The line within Suwon city

The shortest stretch of the SuIn line was inside Suwon city. This ran from the Suwon railway station to the south, after which it would run up a ramp to cross both a main street and the main (standard gauge) railway line. The only remaining part of this part of the line, the part on […]

The Suwon – Inchon narrow gauge line: Gojan Station (– Gongdan/Choji Station – Ansan Station) – Oido Station

The original Suwon to Inchon line (수인선 협궤열차) ran all the way from Inchon harbour to Suwon (수원) station, but by the end of the existence of the line this was no longer the case. But like other parts of the line which were still there long after the railway had been closed the part […]

Books and catalogues

Annotated Non-Postal Stamp Catalogue of Andryvs Jūrdžs Foundation

Published in 2017 by the Andryvs Jūrdžs Foundation in Latvian (Latgalian) the “Annotated Non-Postal Stamp Catalogue of Andryvs Jūrdžs Foundation” by Zigurds Sviķis shows the non-postal stamps (also known as “cinderellas“) published by Latvians in exile between 1962 and 1992.

National Revenue Stamps

Revenue stamps published 30 years apart used on the same day

Recently seen on Ebay (and purchased by the well-known revenue stamp collector Joe Ross): two South Korean documents with tax stamps. In itself, both stamps and the type of document are not particularly special: both stamps were easily available at the counter in South Korea until at least 2014, and unlike many types of documents […]

Korean “digital revenue stamps”

(Text originally published in MSS Quarterly Bulletin Nr. 316.) On 1 January 2017 the last “paper” revenue stamps of the Republic of Korea (“South Korea”) were phased out. Except for the consular revenue stamps used outside of Korea the only type of revenue stamp now in use within the borders of Korea are meter marks.  Meter […]


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Revenue Stamp Catalogue

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